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Lock Boxes help provide Fire Departments and Postal Access through automatic gates or doors for emergency or postal personnel. Fire boxes are designed to accept the Fire Dept. padlock or the Knox Ks-2 keyswitch (Note: Please contact your local Fire Marshal for ordering the fire dept. lock or KS-2 switch for your area). Postal boxes are designed to accept the postal lock. (Note: This lock must be purchased through your local post office.)

The Strobe Switch is used for emergency personnel that is equipped with an optical emitter that will allow access through automatic gates, for emergency personnel. This helps to increase an emergency response to reach their destination.

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Chain Drop Kit, Designed for slide gates for emergency access for Fire Dept. Accepts the Fire Dept. Pad Lock. When used by the emergency personnel, the person will pull a release handle that will drop the chain and the gate can be manually pushed open. These locks must be supplied by your respective authority. For more information on obtaining locks, contact your local Fire Marshall for the Fire Dept. Locks or Postal Service for the Postal Box Locks.
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